Dr. Mario Ruscev


TAQA (Industrialization & Energy Services Company)

Dr Mario Ruscev is a Nuclear Physicist by training holding a PhD from Yale University and from Universite Pierre et Marie Curie. He spent 23 years with Schlumberger with various responsibilities in the R&D and operational areas. He has been the President of the Seismic, Testing, Water & Gas services and Wireline ($ 2B operation) Divisions within Schlumberger. He has since been CEO of FormFactor a Silicon Valley provider of unique nanotech connectors for the semiconductor industry, CEO of IGSS (GeoTech) the major Russian Seismic Company, CTO at Baker Hughes and EVP at Weatherford ($ 6B operation). During his career, Dr Ruscev had the opportunity to evolve in many environments where Technology and execution were differentiators. Beside having successfully managed many businesses turn overs, his team’s successfully introduced systems as diverse as: luggage scanners differentiating between organic and inorganic materials still in use after 30 years, the first Container Scanner based on unique gaseous sensors, many  Wireline and Testing tools including the PlatForm Express Wireline combo still unequalled after 25 years, the first single sensor seismic systems called Q, the first ever Water Aquifer Storage and Recovery in Middle East, simulators allowing to understand the formation and propagations of fractures during Frac operations or analytics applications in the Oilfield Operations. He was, for many years, on the Board of the International Carbon Capture & Sequestration Institute and participated to the Board of Expro. He is currently on the Board of CGG and ASCO group and is helping a start-up in the IoT application to the Oil Field that he had set up earlier. He also recently joined the TAQA group from Saudi Arabia as their CTO and EVP TAQA International. His combined Technology and Operational experiences giving him a unique perspective on what makes businesses and technologies successful.