Dr. Moayyed Al- Qurtas

Advisor, R&I Committee


Dr. Moayyed Al-Qurtas is the advisor of GPCA’s Research and Innovation Committee. A true industry veteran, his career spans several decades heading and managing petrochemical businesses across Saudi Arabia and the region. Some of his more prominent positions include Vice Chairman and CEO of National Industrialization Company (TASNEE), Chairman of the Boards of TASNEE affiliates – Maadaniyah, Rasass, Rowad and Khadamat, and Director General of R&D at SABIC. He also served as President of Petrokemya, Al Jubail, and Chairman of the Boards of SABIC affiliates – Ar-Razi, Ibn Zahr, and Ibn Al-Baytar, in addition to overseeing the establishment of Samad (later known as Al Bayroni), Ibn Hayyan in Jubail and GPIC in Bahrain.

Dr. Al-Qurtas was a member of the Advisory Board for Economic Affairs of the Supreme Economic Council in Saudi Arabia and a Director on the Boards of Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Technical Colleges of the General Establishment of Vocational Training. Currently he serves as a Director on the Boards of Saudi Vitrified Clay Pipe Company, Alrajhi Bank, the group of Riyadh Cables companies the Saudi Industrial Properties Authority (Modon) and the Saudi Development Fund. Dr. Al-Qurtas is a Chemical Engineer, a member of the American Institute for Chemical Engineers, and holds a Ph.D. in Management.