Linda Shi Cheng

Sr. Director for Regional R&D

Honeywell UOP

Linda Shi Cheng is currently Sr. Director for Regional R&D at Honeywell UOP in Des Plaines IL, USA. She is responsible for strategic development and direction of UOP’s regional R&D programs, which includes providing technology support to UOP regional General Managers, developing external partnership and collaborations and driving new technology development and commercialization from regional labs in Saudi Arabia, India, and China.

Prior to this role, Linda was R&D Director for Materials Characterization Group which provides world class advanced characterization, analytical, sensor solution and quality assurance support to R&D, Tech Service, Engineering and ISC from UOP global laboratories at Des Plaines & Riverside IL, Shreveport LA, Mobile AL and Zhang Jia Gang China.

Linda joined UOP in 1995. In the past 27 years, her career progresses through various areas of R&D organization including Adsorption Separation Technology, Catalysis Applications, Manufacturing Product Technology and Petrochemical Development. She was promoted to UOP R&D fellow in 2012, and held several leadership positions including manager of Manufacturing Product Technology, Senior Manager of Aromatics & Derivatives Development.  She has received UOP Patent of the year award in 2011, UOP Technical Community Organization Stine Star Award, Honeywell Team Performance Award, Honeywell Innovation Excellence Award, and AIChE Separation Division Innovation Award. Linda obtained her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from State University of New York at Buffalo, and MS/BS in Chemical Engineering from East China University of Science and Technology.